Safe Ministry

A Commitment to Safe Ministry

Camden Valley Church has a Safe Ministry Policy – “Safe Ministry, Policies and Procedures”. The purpose of this Policy is to guide Camden Valley Church in developing a child-protective culture and a culture that is safe for all vulnerable people. Camden Valley Church is committed to welcoming children and their parents or carers and providing a ‘child-safe’[1] environment, culture and programs for children as well as a safe environment, culture and environment for any other vulnerable people who attend the services and other programs. We see such a commitment as flowing naturally from our vision and mission to operate according to biblical, Christian principles for living and for recognising the unique value and potential of every person, regardless of race, age, gender, ability or disability. 

All children and all adults who come to Camden Valley Church have a right to feel and be safe. The welfare of children in our care will be our first priority. The authorised leaders accept the responsibility of providing a safe and friendly environment where children are listened to, feel safe, have fun, accept challenges, learn and grow. This duty of care applies at all times, although when children attend church and remain with their parents, then the parents have the primary duty of care. 

We recognise the particular need for sensitivity for those from culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds, including those with Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage. We take into consideration the needs of children and adults with disabilities and seek to include them and make them feel safe and welcome.

This Policy recognises both Federal and State legislation and commits workers to responsibly and reasonably cooperating with Government departments, law enforcement and child protection agencies. The operational principles of our Code of Conduct support and facilitate the protection of children and young people, as well as other vulnerable people.

Camden Valley Church’s Safe Ministry policy can be viewed here. 

Camden Valley Church Complaint Form (Unsafe or Abusive Behaviour)

Camden Valley Church Incident Report Form

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